Powerhand CSA-02413-D – Cordless caulking gun, Ni-Cd

Cordless caulking gun, Ni-Cd 2.4V

Only suiteable for low viscosity sealent.

For building contractors, roofers and other caulking applications.

  • Expelling force: 300 kgf
  • +/- 10x 310 ml tubes of silicone on a full battery


Art. Nr.CSA-02413-D
Battery Ni-Cd2.4 V DC, 1.3 Ah
Capacity310 ml
Expelling force300 kgf
Speed198 mm/min
Performance± 10x 300 ml tubes of silicone on a full battery
on a full battery
Charging time1 hour (auto cut-off)
Weight1.9 kg
Supplied inCarton box


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