Boxo PC-2811-serie – Punches and chisels

Punches and chisels

PC-2811-2115Pin punch 2x115mm31
PC-2811-3125Pin punch 3x125mm34
PC-2811-4150Pin punch 4x150mm63
PC-2811-5165Pin punch 5x165mm75
PC-2811-6180Pin punch 6x180mm122
PC-2811-8180Pin punch 8x180mm132
PC-2821-3120Drift punch 3x120mm61
PC-2821-4120Drift punch 4x120mm64
PC-2821-5120Drift punch 5x120mm66
PC-2821-6120Drift punch 6x120mm67
PC-2831-1014Flat chisel 10x140mm54
PC-2831-1215Flat chisel 12x150mm90
PC-2831-1618Flat chisel 16x180mm156
PC-2831-1818Flat chisel 18x180mm156
PC-2831-2220Flat chisel 22x200mm63
PC-2841-2120Centre punch 2x120mm78
PC-2851-5130Caper chisel 5x130mm68


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