Bootgun BG-110 – Pneumatic boot applicator

Bootgun pneumatic boot applicator

If you’ve ever tried to replace the CV boots on a car, you will appreciate just how difficult it is to actually get the boot onto the drive shaft.
Although we can’t do anything about the stripping down of the wheel and wheel hub, we can make life easier when putting on the boot itself.
This ingenious tool, operated by air, opens up the flexible boot effortlessly enabling simple fitting onto the shaft, totally eliminating the need for lubrication and the struggling involved with the old fashioned cone method.

The Bootgun is designed and equipped with a pressure relief device to ensure maximum safety.
Endurance testing under variable conditions has proven this tool to be 100% safe and reliable.
The Bootgun complies to every applicable industrial safety standard.

Art. Nr.BG-110
Suitable   forFlexible boots  15 – 115 mm
Max. pressure8 bar (110 PSI)
Connection1/4” – 18 NPT
Weight2.2 kg
Warranty2 years


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